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Our experience with Mean Green Dumpster Rental was an absolute pleasure from end to end! We recently moved out our grandma who has been staying with us for a while now. We have a relatively small home and during her stay we accumulated a lot of junk (enough to fill our garage, and then some…). Buried under all of this rubbish was our home gym that we have been dying to use.

We only have a small car, so cleaning out our garage and a room in our house using it was not really a possibility. We decided to rent a dumpster to throw it all in and have someone else throw it all away. After talking to a few different dumpster rental companies we decided it would be best to go with Mean Green for a few reasons:

1. Mean Green was the only company that could get to us the same day, with no additional fee. The soonest anyone else could come out was Wednesday and wanted to charge an arm and leg to do so.
2. The gentleman I spoke with (Jonathan) was very professional and understanding of our situation.
3. The price, with delivery, came out a lot lower than any other offers AND they actually offered junk removal for us so we didn’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. DEAL!

2 hours after booking with them a truck with a 20 yard dumpster (Hope I said it right) was in our driveway and they were ready to load it up. 3 hours later our entire garage was cleaned out, and 1 additional room in our house. All the men who helped load the dumpster were very polite.

This was totally a 5 star experience with a local business that obviously has strong values for customer satisfaction. Thanks again. I included the card of the gentleman that guided us through this process. Give him a call!